While formerly agreeing on common principles of working together was the most important issue of team formation, today referring to the meaning of working together is as much important. As the work pace accelerates, and teams are increasingly running virtually, it becomes very important to strengthen team spirit – cooperation between team members, understanding common goals, establishing trust in each other, and emphasizing the importance and benefits of working together. Employee engagement, motivation, and consciousness increase after a successful teambuilding, and this in turn helps to achieve the best results.

These are the factors that ensure successful cooperation in teams:

  • understanding the overall team goal, being able to identify its meaning and importance, being able to integrate one’s individual aspirations into overall team goals, rather than just knowing the latter;
  • knowing each other, acknowledging and speaking up one’s own views, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses, and building confidence in each other in this way;
  • shared teamwork agreements which a team follows in order to communicate effectively and to solve both every day and unusual situations in a constructive way.


Entertaining team event:

  • gives energy, motivates, and inspires new actions;
  • strengthens team spirit and sense of togetherness;
  • is based on scenario that matches team’s needs;
  • can bring together participants – from a few to several hundred;
  • is perfect as a company summer event.

Examples of solutions: orientation game, “Mind Competition”, company Olympics, etc.

Teambuilding training:

  • develops teamwork skills;
  • is exclusively experience-based; experience and insights are discussed with the help of a consultant;
  • helps transfer insights about teamwork into every day work situations; feedback is provided to participants;
  • applies to teams seeking deeper insight, initiative to change and improve.

Examples of solutions: simulation games, “Fun to Work!“, team coaching, team and self-knowledge using DiSC and/or MBTI typologies, change workshop, etc.

Complex solutions for strengthening team spirit:

  • are oriented towards long-term attitude and behavior change and its continuous maintenance;
  • involve continuous consulting with professional organizations consultants;
  • include complex means to change attitude and to build team skills: coaching, train-the-trainer programs, motivation systems, changing organizational structure, etc.

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