One of the most popular means to improve organizations in Lithuania is LEAN (Toyota) management system, a method that gives quick and tangible results. Lean management system is a set of principles and tactics. Traditions of constant improvement and engagement are significantly strengthened by applying Lean (Toyota) methodology. Implementation of Lean system also helps to eliminate wasteful actions (muda) in the processes. An amazing effect is achieved – we make more by doing less.

The most ambitious goal of Lean (Toyota) management system (method) is durable and sustainable change in organization’s culture, strengthening constant improvement, ambition, and respect for people.

  • Introductory Lean (Toyota) system training
  • Selected Lean (Toyota) practices and methods applications (5S, visual management, kaizen, SMED, etc.) training
  • Express trial of Lean (Toyota) principles in an organization or its unit (duration up to 7 working days)
  • Long-term project of Lean (Toyota) implementation, establishing a culture of constant improvement (a project lasts for 1-2 years, 12 working days at least)
  • Creating synergy between Lean and ISO 9001 methods
  • Organizing study tour to Japan
  • Open Toyota system training with Tetsuya Imura, an expert from Japan
  • Lecture „Why Japanese do not like Lean“

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