Currently, it is not the actions generating short-term result that play the most important role in sales and negotiation process; rather, it is execution of long-term sales and negotiation strategies and thorough team readiness: consciousness, ability to continuously improve and develop personalized relationships with customers.

An organization can achieve the best sales results by implementing a long-term sales strategy, if:

  • its team is able to speak the customer’s language, understand customer’s needs, and sell value of the proposition and benefit for the customer rather than selling a service or a product;
  • sales managers are able to provide appropriate sales team development, engagement and support;
  • all the processes related to sales and negotiation run smoothly, as a consonant system.

Sales team training:

  • Improving sales competencies
  • Improving negotiation competencies
  • Sales and negotiation psychology training
  • Individual consulting and/or coaching for sales professionals
  • Coaching in the workplace – observing work of sales people and providing feedback
  • Customer typology and work with different customer types (according to DiSC and MBTI)

Sales manager training:

  • Motivating your team
  • Team training
  • Individual training and on-the-job coaching for sales people
  • Motivating your team and enhancing engagement
  • Application of sales enhancement tools
  • Management and leadership skills training for sales managers

Consulting projects on sales system and standard development:

  • Creating monetary and non-monetary motivation systems for sales professionals (gamification, effort measure routine, etc.)
  • Sales process audit and improvement
  • Creating sales strategy and performance measurement indicators system
  • Creating specialized sales scripts (conversation scenarios) and sales standard
  • Creating independent learning and/or feedback systems


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