20 to 30 of interconnected processes usually take place even in a small, simple business organization. They take place regardless of whether they are managed, or not. Number of processes increases according to the size of business organization. Public sector and business process management means:

  • knowing a desired process course,
  • measuring process results,
  • formulating objectives for a process,
  • improving the process.

Process management achieves a higher maturity level: processes become more predictable, more effective, and we fulfill promises to our customers better.

  • Introduction of process management system and/or strengthening management by processes practices in organization
  • Process owners’ training
  • Preparing a process map
  • Process analysis, optimization and documentation (committing a desired state to paper)
  • Improving process monitoring practices
  • Consulting regarding preparation for CMMI certification
  • Consulting regarding preparation for ISO 9001 certification

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