Almanta Jakštaitė-Vinkuvienė

Partner and Head of Involvement Solutions

  • Expertise: employee involvement and motivation and development of an inclusive organisational culture
  • 20+ years of experience in consulting of organisations and management development
  • Co-author of the book “Vadovas per 24 h” (“Manager within 24 Hours”)
  • Certified DiSC® consultant
  • Certified Aon Assessment Solutions methodology expert
  • SDT course on attitude to motivation, growth and well-being (University of Rochester)
  • Participant in the Organisation Development Programme (NTL Institute)
  • Participant in the Project Management Professionals (PMP) programme
  • Course of Action Learning (WIAL)
  • Master’s degree in psychology (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

By strengthening the ability of managers and employees to build an inclusive organisation, Almanta has ascertained that better performance of organisations is not driven by result-orientation, but by genuine people-orientation prevailing in them. By helping organisations to develop the culture of involvement, Almanta contributes to the growth of the organisations themselves and the improvement of their leaders, while strengthening the dialogue between their employers and employees.

Almanta says that being engaged in one and the same thing for a long time is not for her type of personality. That is why she is openly interested in what is going on around her and is constantly looking for new sources of inspiration and different approaches.

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