OVC Consulting training programmes are the result of long-term, consistent work with organisations. These training programmes, which combine consultants’ experience and practice and ongoing learning, will enable you to effectively strengthen key competences, develop professional and personal skills, and exchange experiences with peers and professionals in different fields. It will also enable your organisation to flexibly plan an individual training schedule for each employee.

New manager training

New manager training programmes are focused on the basic skills that new managers initially need.

Hiking for acquiring experience

Hiking provides non-standard growth programmes consisting of a variety of experiences, including classroom learning, hiking in Lithuanian forests, preparation for hiking, and a very important part― reflection on hiking.

Presentations and lectures

#OVC lectures mean comprehensive, focused and interactive time dedicated to you.

Sales and negotiations

An organisation can achieve the best performance when it is able to smoothly organise joint work within the organisation.

Team strengths according to CliftonStrengths

An organisation can achieve the best performance when it is able to smoothly organise joint work within the organisation.

Customer experience management

Excellent customer service is the leitmotif of our customer experience management training.

Individual consultations

The purpose of individual consultations is to develop individual abilities and skills.

Collaboration and team strengthening

Successful team building results in greater employee involvement, motivation and awareness, all of which ensure better performance.

Strategic management

It may seem that acting strategically does not require much: we just need to know what we want to achieve, understand our current situation and, finally, decide what path we should take and what changes we should implement to pursue our goals and implement all this.

Program for middle managers “lime”

Lead, inspire, manage, empower.

Competency development center

2-days intensive program for leaders with personal coaching where instead of theory, they will get a lot of situations to practice leadership skills and real time individual coaching.

Corporate Presentation Skills

Advanced ppt “technical” skills, data visualization & techniques of building corporate slides.

Trust-based organisations and teams

This workshop could be used both – for project or functional teams.

Effective Procurement and Supplier Management

Procurement executives and professionals. Personnel in large, medium-sized and small companies in charge of supplier selection, conclusion of procurement contracts and collaboration with suppliers.

Leadership Society

Leadership Society

Manager's Development Centre

Personal guidance and expert insights to help you unlock your potential!

Workplace coaching

The programme is designed for organisation owners and managers, division managers, HR managers, project managers and consultants.

Training for top managers

We use a variety of training methods and offer continuous training programmes for managers.

Middle manager training

The success of operations in an organisation depends greatly on the professional skills of middle managers.

Adaptive leadership

Leadership is acting that mobilises other people to work hard and solve problems that are important to them, that may seem frightening and dangerous to them.

Mentorship programs

Mentor team training. Mentee training. Start and closing events of the mentoring programme.

Project management

Project management is a complex process that has a crucial significance for an organisation's performance.

Manager supervision

An individual who is dealing with his or her personal professional case and receives focused group attention to the issue and reflects on his/her case, increases his/her learning effectiveness up to 4 times compared to standard training.

How not to drown in the flow of tasks?

This interactive programme will provide participants with a simple yet very effective task organisation model.

Performance conversations: how should you communicate and reach an agreement?

This programme is intended for managers of all levels who have to conduct activity management conversations, regardless of specific topics or scope of the conversations.

You're a manager now: what next?

New managers and experienced specialists who have the new experience of managing a team.

Well-being and emotional health

Emotional health is defined as a condition whereby a person, while experiencing different emotions, essentially feels good, is productive, and is able to enjoy life.

Coaching and team development

People and team development is an important managerial and cultural change for an organisation.

A leader of the future

Join the leader of the future program and create tomorrow, not just watch it dawn.

Development programme for middle managers

Middle managers are the guarantor of the organization's success.

Leader's psychology. Club with Paulius Avižinis

Less autopilot. More productive behaviour in a manager's work.

Creation of involving presentations

Remote presentations. Persuasive public speaking. Presentation skills. Persuasive communication.

Innovation and design thinking sessions

Design thinking offers a different approach to creativity in business. It is a process and a set of tools that helps consistently create new solutions, products and services and solve complex issues.

Effective reporting

This is practical training during which participants learn the main principles of written communication and develop the required skills

Personal productivity

More efficient people are able to organize their activities more smoothly and achieve the intended goals.

Effective presentations

Public speaking and preparation of quality presentations.