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In our culture, we are used to identifying our weaknesses and subsequently developing plans to deal with them. Yet research shows that our growth is approximately 10 times better when we grow our talents and work with our potential rather than try to rectify our weaknesses.


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Employee engagement survey

This is a standardised, statistically reliable methodology developed by OVC Consulting that is intended to assess employee engagement in the organisation and factors determining the engagement.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment

A research-proven method for identifying one's personal talents in order to better use and develop one's inner potential.

Aon's Assessment Solutions

These include a variety of tests and questionnaires to assess work-related competences, personal traits, abilities and motivation.

The 360-degree feedback method

This method allows assessing a manager's competences required for successful work in a specific organisation.


Unique solutions for every customer's need.