Silvija Cicėnienė

Office Manager

  • Responsibilities: organisation of office activities, leading the project implementation and administration team, and customer experience management in ongoing projects
  • 10+ years of work experience

Silvija is responsible for the smooth organisation of the office. Silvija and the team also take care of the implementation of training projects: they organise and administer projects that require diligence, creative solutions, and harmonious cooperation with colleagues, customers, and partners.

The variety of activities, the team pursuit of results, and the constant opportunity to learn are Silvija’s sources of inspiration in her professional activities. It is important to discern, evaluate, and adapt the strengths of each team member, to create an open, trust-based environment where both the team and the organisation win and where working together is good.

An exhibition, a film, a book, the sea, the forest are the things that Silvija chooses in her free time, which harmoniously complement her dynamic, beloved activities.

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