Algė Jablonskienė

Partner and Consultant

  • Expertise: Organisational Design (Structure, Culture, Processes) and Strategic Management, Systemic Thinking and Change Implementation, Leadership Training, Individual and Team Coaching, Business Psychology
  • 15+ years of experience in Consulting and Training
  • 13+ years of experience in People and Culture Management
  • 20+ years of practical Leadership experience in IT and Service Industries (UAB Alna Software, SE City Service, UAB ICOR)
  • 3+ years of experience as a Board member (SE City Service)
  • Certified MBTI® I and MBTI® II Consultant.
  • Participant in the Organisational Development Programme (NTL Institute, USA)
  • Coaching specialist, trained in ORSC® (Organization and Relationship System Coaching), Workplace Coaching (Erickson Coaching International), Consciously Digital Coaching (Digital Coaching)
  • EMBA (Baltic Management Institute, EU)
  • Master’s degree in psychology (Vilnius University, LT)


Algė started her working career as a psychologist, but soon joined the family business and founded several restaurants. These early experiences shaped her approach to organisations, consulting and training.

Algė believes that consulting and training should be practical, measurable by achieved results, but at the same time based on psychology and the latest global trends and innovations.

Algė believes that participants will learn most effectively and will open up to new experiences when they are relaxed, so she tries to create a relaxed and engaging atmosphere during the sessions.

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