Eglė Daunienė

Associated Consultant

  • Expertise: change facilitation, change management, consulting in developing change projects and managing resistance, political and strategic action, adaptive leadership
  • 19+ years of experience in consulting of organisations and training
  • 10+ years of practical experience in leadership in senior management positions and on boards
  • Consultant in circular organising and sociocracy
  • Teacher and practitioner of the focusing method
  • Associate Professor of VU Partnership, teacher of strategic management and adaptive leadership
  • Lecturer in active teaching methods and action learning
  • Consultant in adaptive leadership and change projects

Eglė enjoys action learning, reading a lot and trying new things. This is also shown by her professional experience: Eglė worked as a translator in a bank and then turned to the field of finance and became a financial auditor in an American global organisation. Later on, she focused on improving business processes, and then on strategic management processes and projects. Over time, Eglė began to delve into the management of a holding, become the general director, then a member and chairperson of the board, and the head of a non-profit organisation for the education of gifted children. Finally, Eglė decided to undertake doctoral studies and, during the studies, she researched how to transfer sociocratic management practices to traditional management in a company. Now, Eglė is particularly interested in changes in systems, so she participates in projects as a consultant for change management, leadership and facilitation.

Eglė attaches great importance to mindfulness. She practices focusing and other proven ways to connect mind, intuition and action. Eglė relaxes when spending time with her close people and doing nothing special, lingering in nature.

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