Jūratė Žalienė

Chief Consultant

  • Expertise: situational leadership, middle management development, sales, and customer experience management
  • 19+ years of experience in sales, leadership and training in business companies
  • 4+ years of experience in conducting seminars in sales, customer service, negotiation, leadership, and personal effectiveness
  • Courses of Action Learning (WIAL)
  • Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Courses (SLII)
  • Workplace Coaching courses (Erickson International Coaching)
  • Marketing and Project Management Modules in ISM (University of Management and Economics) Executive Master Studies in Management
  • Master’s degree (Vilnius University)

When working as a sales manager in business companies, Jūratė tested theories with practical methods. With 19 years of experience in sales and management, she quickly identifies possible solutions to problems and finds new tools to know the customer even better and offer him or her a product or service according to his or her needs. Jūratė is constantly looking for ways to help others to expand the boundaries of their capabilities, find inner motivation, and teach them new techniques. With this goal in mind, she works with inspiration every day.

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