Ieva Kulikauskienė

Associated Consultant

Ieva Kulikauskienė is an associate consultant at OVC Consulting. Her area of ​​expertise is employee and customer experience management. This is a topic that intertwines the emotional management of employees and professional skills and have a direct impact on the formation of customer experience. Ieva gained professional experience as a sales trainer and manager in international companies, in consulting activities she helps companies that seek change through employee training and creating value for the customer.

  • Area of expertise: customer experience management, customer service effectiveness, sales and service psychology, public speaking.
  • 10+ years of hands-on sales and training experience.
  • 8+ years of team management experience.
  • 1000+ people trained in different fields.
  • Successfully developed and integrated customer experience management standards in international companies.

Ieva is particularly interested in the science of neuropsychology, she monitors global trends so in her training she only includes things that are already tested, proven and effectively applied in practice. In both her professional and personal life Ieva’s biggest motivator is curiosity which encourages her to grow and look for new and never-before-heard “angles”.

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