Vaida Kurtinaitienė

Client's Partner

  • Responsibilities: analysis of customer needs in the corporate sector, proper management of the customer experience and expectations and proposing optimal solutions, coordination of sales projects, proactive maintenance and development of customer relationships
  • 11+ years of practical work experience in B2B sales
  • 6+ years of experience in working with the team
  • 3+ years of experience in process management

Vaida is a personality who loves to communicate with people, listen and hear what they breathe and live.
She feels the strongest emotions when she hears the opportunity to find a solution and can offer the most suitable option for it.

She has encountered different sorts of situations in her work experience, but Vaida always believed, believes, and will believe that everything you do with an unconditional desire to help and find the optimal solution is justified by the customer’s smile and long-term relationship.

Sincerity, openness, flexibility, and optimism are the things that help build a sustainable relationship.

Vaida’s hobbies are very diverse, ranging from reading books to travelling, wakeboarding, skiing, diving, jogging, mountain climbing, and yoga.

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