Eglė Degutienė

Research Group Consultant

  • Expertise: organisational research, standardisation of organisational human resource processes, selection and evaluation of employees, development of the culture of corporate social responsibility
  • 15+ years of experience in organisations’ employee evaluating and developing, development of customer experience standards, and training
  • 8+ years of practical work experience in employee selection and search
  • 8+ years of community activities in voluntary organisations (International Women’s Association: United Kingdom, Russia, Georgia, Latvia)
  • 4+ years of experience in NGO leadership (Mentor Lietuva Association)
  • 3+ last years of experience in developing a social responsibility culture and implementing mentoring programmes in organisations
  • Initiator and implementer of communication projects to raise socially sensitive public issues (in the field of prevention of harmful habits)
  • Master’s degree in organisational psychology (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • Certified AON’s Assessment Solutions methodology application expert

Recently, Eglė has been interested in spreading mentoring ideas in organisations, fostering and strengthening the culture of corporate social responsibility.

“I believe that strong organisations must have a clear system of values, attitudes and goals. And that system will be effective not when all possible processes are perfectly described, but when employees believe that their activities can contribute to the success of the organisation and that they will seek to share their success with others,” says Eglė.

Her other hobbies include travel by car, modern dance and a healthy food culture.

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