Tomas Misiukonis

Partner and Consultant

  • Expertise: educational leadership, individual development for leaders, development of mentoring initiatives and coaching culture in enterprises, team coaching, implementation of change
  • 15+ years of experience in consulting of organisations and training
  • 10+ years of practical experience in sales and management in the financial sector (AB SEB bankas, AB)
  • 3500+ academic hours of training in the last 3 years
  • Author of the only two Lithuanian books on coaching (“Asmeninio ugdymo praktika vadovams” (“Personal Education Practice for Managers”) (2012) and “Koučingo technikos” (“Coaching Techniques”) (2013)
  • Author of the idea and co-author of the book “Dėmesio, grupė! Praktiniai darbo su grupe būdai ir technikos” (“Attention, Group! Practical ways and techniques of working with a group”) (2014)
  • Author of the idea and co-author of the book “Vadovas per 24 h” (“Manager within 24 Hours”) (2018)
  • Master’s degree in coaching and mentoring (Oxford Brookes University, UK) and Master’s degree in business administration (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

The principle of Tomas’ work is lively and organic, without slides, with material that arises in the audience from the participants’ questions. The changing participants of trainings and the questions they raise are Tomas’ source of inspiration. Most of all, he values live communication during trainings, so he is himself and constantly communicates sincerely with all the participants in the trainings. Tomas bases his training on learning-by-doing – practical tasks that are always adapted to the specifics of the group’s activities.

Tomas’ activities are particularly closely related to writing. He is not only the author of four books, but also actively communicates in Linkedin. Tomas also combines his passion for music with musical journalism. Another passion of Tomas is long-distance cycling.

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