Inga Radzevičienė

Business Development Director

  • Responsibilities: coordination of the activities of OVC Consulting, development and implementation of sales and business development strategy, market analysis, monitoring the effectiveness of sales and other projects and performance analysis, organisation of the research of employee involvement and motivation in the Baltic countries, proactive maintenance and development of new customer relationships, analysis of customer needs in the corporate sector, proper management of the customer experience and expectations, and proposing optimal solutions and project coordination.
  • 22+ years of practical experience in B2B and B2C sales, organisation of work and training of sales staff.
  • 16+ years of practical experience in sales, customer service, and management in the financial sector (SEB bankas, AB).

Inga’s many years of practical work experience in sales have developed her ability to look at the customer’s organisational situation broadly and systematically, to offer the customer more than they expect in search of the right solution. Inga values openness, flexibility, and long-term partnership because she believes that they create the greatest value.

Inga strives for continuous improvement, drawing new ideas and knowledge from books and following the latest trends in corporate and people management. In her search for different perspectives on self-awareness, she is not afraid to try new and unknown activities and their various forms. Theatrical improvisation is one of the latest.

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