Mantas Žalkauskas

Associated Consultant

  • Expertise: development and facilitation of strategic sessions, experiential decision-making training, improvement of interpersonal climate in teams, strengthening a culture of openness and teamwork, personal growth within and outside a team, measurement of and targeted action based on social impact, content development and publicity strategies
  • 8+ years of experience in consulting of organisations and training
  • 3+ years of experience in working with military structures
  • Practitioner of the Art of Hosting, a conversations art and facilitation philosophy
  • Adaptation of expert areas for activities outdoors, in the nature Creating customised experiences for teams

Mantas is curious, so he likes exploring seemingly unrelated areas, which later he can combine in both the training and experiential learning process. From robotics to military art, communication projects and a 900 km independent winter hike around Lithuania – all these experiences accumulated by Mantas during his lifetime find their place in today’s increasingly diversified context of organisations.

For a long time, Mantas has worked with small teams, so he knows how to change the learning culture by improving products and evaluating the impact they create. However, Mantas distinguishes the strengthening of the interpersonal relationship as the beginning of any change.

When a teenager, Mantas spent a lot of time in nature and has travelled a lot on his own since then. Nature is a strong motive in his life, in which he finds not only escape from his daily routine, but also a teacher. During his time in nature, Mantas has learned to negotiate with himself and is constantly growing personally.

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