Viltė Dziegoraitytė

Project Coordinator

  • Responsibilities: project coordination, organisation and administration of training, cooperation with partners, ensuring smooth work, information management and distribution

Viltė is a responsible and confident person, so she can often perform tasks that require patience, time, and are a major challenge for the entire OVC team. A Bachelor’s degree has provided her not only with higher education, but also with an understanding of the public sector and management characteristics. During her studies, Viltė was actively involved in the Student Union, where she organised trainings and tackled students’ academic and social problems.

The sources of Viltė’s good mood and inner peace are the sea, nature, and her pets. There is nothing better for her than the wind messing her hair and the waves of the sea washing away her thoughts. Viltė often follows the saying, “It takes so little to achieve complete happiness, you just have to want to.” So in both work, study, and her personal life, she is able to accomplish what others find impossible.

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