Employee engagement is described as positive attitude of organization’s employees towards their employer, also their disposition, motivation and effort to do what is important for the organization. This is one of the essential directions to strengthen work with people and managerial skills in modern organizations. As comparisons of employee engagement rates and organizations’ performance results in various countries show, employee engagement is directly linked to financial indicators, performance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and talent retaining in organizations.

Referring to Aon Best Employers survey, that OVC Consulting conducts, we can see that average employee engagement rate in Lithuania is 47%. This indicates insufficient employee engagement for organization to work effectively and successfully, and to use its employees’ potential. Employee engagement rate is also one of the prominent factors, showing how Best Employers’ organizations (engagement of approximately 79%) differ from the others.

Can we change the rate of employee engagement and their work motivation? Definitely yes, although it won’t be a one-off initiative, but rather a conscious and coordinated journey towards engaging environment and culture and high employee work motivation. At the starting point, in order to take well-grounded decisions about necessary actions, it is important to know what employee engagement rate in organization is at the moment and how employees assess different factors that determine formation of engagement in their organization.

  • Employee engagement and motivation survey
  • Workshops on survey results: action planning and implementation
  • Establishing engagement culture
  • 360° survey of engaging leader’s characteristics and competencies
  • Managers’ training: Engaging leadership, Manager’s role
  • Talent management program
  • Employer branding program
  • Workshop for managers on relevance of creating an engaging work environment in organization, ways to do it and managers’ role in the process

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