We live in the customer era, when “good enough” customer service is no longer enough. Customers expect “wow experience” – something that would exceed their expectations. Competition for customers is won by emotional relationship and communication with customers, rather than product and services quality.

The subject of work with customers takes on a new relevance – organizations can no longer work as they did before; customer service tools are developed, customer service quality is improved, organizations are looking for new ways to ensure customer satisfaction. The relationship with customers, however, is still viewed through the prism of service actions – what the customer service staff should do. Currently it becomes more and more relevant “to step into customer’s shoes” and to look at what experiences customer receives in relation to the entire organization.

It is important to have a well-managed, high-quality customer service standard, process and procedures, and service professionals, too. It is still more important to implement a cultural service change in the organization: from mechanistic (operations’ management) approach to customer relationship management approach. This is how customer-oriented organizational culture and appropriate employee attitudes are developed.

Having all processes (and standards) related to customer experience reviewed and employees properly trained, organization can ensure exceptional customer experience and competitive advantage in the market.


  • Customer experience management and customer-oriented approach
  • Customer experience management in different organizational processes (e.g. sales, contract administration, services performance, claims handling, etc.
  • Customer service, customer psychology
  • Managing conflict and difficult customer service situations
  • On-the-job training and individual employee consulting (observing and providing feedback)
  • Customer typology and work with different customer types (according to DiSC and MBTI)

Consulting projects:

  • Creating / developing customer experience management system (from strategic goals to everyday processes)
  • Creating customer satisfaction measurement system
  • Creating and implementing customer service standard
  • Writing specialized customer service scripts (conversation scenarios)
  • Creating customer service quality monitoring system
  • Customer experience mapping, visual customer satisfaction management and/or gamification

Other services