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Understanding of development and employee development forms

Objectives Setting and Monitoring

Effective Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Empowerment / Increasing Autonomy


Effective Delegation

Individual consulting of managers and leaders

Continued supervision groups for managers and leaders

From Specialist to Leader

Developmental program (training) for new managers

Continued practical management and leadership programs (training)

Short-term practical management and leadership programs (training) according to particular competencies training modules

Managers and future leaders face more and more requirements today. In addition to excellent managerial skills they are required to further improve their work with people. Managers need to know not only the basics of management, but also a number of interdisciplinary fields.

Organizations are in constant change; therefore manager has only two choices – to change or to be changed. Moreover, contemporary technologies can already ensure many management processes, so managers have to strengthen their leadership skills. It is especially relevant to young managers and those who developed from specialists, whose team leadership hasn’t been properly established – they haven’t become real leaders yet.  Importance of leadership competencies will only grow in the future, as managers will need to pay more attention to empowering and engaging people rather than solely organizing work.

OVC Consulting provides consulting on leadership and management issues and offers a variety of management and leadership trainings for current and prospective managers, adjusted individually according to the needs of organization.

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