Jūratė Žalienė

Tel. 8 5 2313 155
  • Area of expertise: sales, personal effectiveness, leadership
  • 19+ years of experience in sales and training in business enterprises
  • Regular seminars in areas of sales, management and personal effectiveness
  • Completed Executive MBA courses in marketing and project management (ISM University of Management and Economics)
  • Master’s degree from Vilnius University

When Jūratė was a sales manager in business enterprises, she had an opportunity to test all the theories in practice and turn practice into purified, concentrated theory. 19 years of experience in sales and management help Jūratė discover possible solutions quickly, if a problem occurs, search for and create new ways and measures to know a client even better and adapt a service or a product based on the client’s needs. Jūratė knows very well and got convinced many times that everybody can but not everyone wants. The fact that it is always possible to help people expand boundaries of their capabilities, find intrinsic motivation, learn various techniques, inspires her to do her job.

In her daily life, Jūratė does not like routine: her desire to become a little better every day, spend each day in a slightly different way than the day before is her eternal engine which motivates her to develop herself, grow and avoid getting stuck in a rut. Sports, travelling and reading are her hobbies.