Mindaugas Grajauskas

  • Areas of expertise: efficiency, personal effectiveness, project management, teamwork improvement, mindfulness development
  • 7+ years of experience in consulting organisations and training
  • 1000+ academic hours of training over the past 5 years
  • 4+ years of experience in leading NGOs
  • Creator of the simulation game Startum erdvėlaivis (Startum Spaceship) (
  • Co-author of the book Dėmesio grupė! Praktiniai darbo su grupe būdai ir technikos (Attention, Group! Practical Group Training Methods and Techniques) (2014)
  • Author of the e-book Ko niekada neišgirsite iš bankininko: 5 žingsnių šeimos finansų valdymo modelis (What You Will Never Hear from a Banker: 5-Step Family Finance Management Model)
  • Author of the project
  • Master’s degree in Philosophy (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

Mindaugas always discovers and experiences new things himself before sharing them with others. Thus, he always looks for new ideas, methods and tools which he could put into practice for his own activities before starting helping others to apply them. For instance, Mindaugas was tracking his jogging results and tried to connect them with his professional activities. Many principles were the same. It means that they can be adapted – principles which are suitable for preparation for running a marathon also work for succeeding in a “career marathon”.

Mindaugas likes reading and collecting books, and dreams of a personal library with thousands of books at home. Playing a guitar has already become an old habit, and interest in philosophy has become an integral part of his life.