Mirolanda Trakumaitė

Senior consultant
Tel. 8 5 2313 155
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  • Area of expertise: psychological well-being – management of stress, emotions and energy
  • 24+ years of experience in organisational consulting and training
  • 2000+ academic hours of training over the last 4 years
  • Psychologist-psychotherapist
  • The Certificate of European Qualification Standard for Psychologist
  • Associated certified coaching trainer (ACC, International Coach Federation)
  • Certified DiSC® consultant
  • Participant in organisational development programme (NTL Institute)
  • Long-time participant in mentorship programme conducted by NGO Mentor Lietuva
  • Holder of Master’s degree in Psychology (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

Mirolanda has hands-on experience in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, therefore her uniqueness lies in extensive psychologist’s practice combined with long-term experience in staff training. She draws inspiration from her work: curious eyes and personal questions of participants in training sessions are very helpful here.

Mirolanda’s hobbies are linked to culture. She reads books, likes poetry, goes to plays, watches films, listens to opera, classical and contemporary music, visits museums and exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries. All this makes her and her work enriched.